Glory Osei reacts to allegation of fraud, denies mistreating staff

The CEO of Landlagos, a real estate company, Glory Osei has responded to allegations levelled against her and her husband, Muyiwa Folorunsho.

The couple had been accused of creating a toxic work environment, scam, and many more by their former employees. Some graduates alleged that in order to avoid paying salaries, they sack their staff two or three weeks into their employment.

They own Divergent Enterprise, the mother company to Landlagos, Shapeyou, 234logistics, casual Becky, porkoyum, porkmoney, true rebel and hyberfactory.

Trending on social media, they have been facing backlashes from social media users. It was alleged that people who have worked or affiliated with them have bad things to says about them. Twitter is currently buzzing over the scandal.

She has released a statement to speak on the allegations. On the establishment of Landlagos which a certain Mrs Linda went online to alleged that it’s a fraud business, she said Landlagos got off to a rocky start.

“Our former manager (a Mrs Linda) who was key in negotiating our plots had omitted a lot of details. First was the one about titles, a key one. We went around and found that we could perfect it with the right contacts in the ministry, this is something we have actually made headway in.

“All the owners of property in Landlagos would now have it easier to perfect this property. But this is not our only property. We have over 60 plots of land at Lakowe, all with their full titles including a C of O.
“We had to dismiss Mrs Linda for the misdirection and also for planning to disrupt our services with some “omonile” people she had planned with to come and play on our naivety and make financial demands she basically orchestrated.

Glory Osei addresses alleged Maltreatment of staff

In the press release, Osei also denied maltreating staff. Giving the background on each company established, she said growing people and business has always been her target.

Glory Osei

“This is a very tricky subject, it is especially tricky as in the past when this has happened I have come to find that employers seldom get any remorse, for as far as the public is concerned, why give remorse to someone you may consider ahead fo the curve.

” But let me categorically state, I have never mistreated any staff. We are a passionate business people, and all our efforts was always aimed at growing the people we have. Could we be gentler? Definitely, and if anything this whole fiasco is a teachable moment for my company.

“I wish we had handled the VERY necessary dismissals with a little more tact. The problem with running a private company in Nigeria is that we can see the people gaming the system and doing the barest minimum and we understand on a very deep level how that affects the productivity of any system. We are now putting every measure in place to make absolutely certain that this is no longer the case.”

Read the full statement here.

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