Glory Osei’s Fake Slimming Tea, 75k WhatsApp Classes and Other Trending Scandal

Glory Osei

The mighty Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar has continued to be the reference point of Twitter users in Nigeria following the outburst of Glory Osei, an entrepreneur known for the business of slimming tea. Her case also brought out the case of one Moe, a Webinar tutor who allegedly charges 75 thousand Naira for WhatsApp classes.

In the case of Osei, there have been lingering accusations hanging on her neck that she used to maltreat her employees and also sell fake slimming tea products.

To answer to those accusations, she shared a series of tweets saying she has been a godsend to many but those who have been standing on her path of progress are more than those applauding her.

On the issue of selling fake slimming tea, she urged those who are speculating that she was selling fake slimming tea to let her know whenever they see the original.

“But it didn’t take me long to see that this product (Slimming Tea) was not consistent in the result it gave. But the money was good and the distributors kept coming. So I kept selling. Which one of you would have closed down a business that can generate millions of Dollars? She asked in one of the tweets.

According to her, she made more money selling slimming tea than the money Jay Z made selling drugs; adding that she has always wanted to write a book on it to help others.

Maltreating employees

On the issue of her employees, she said employees in Nigeria are tools in the disposal of their employers. She alleged that most of her employees built a life stealing from her. According to the entrepreneur, her former employees developed resentment against her because they couldn’t adapt to their new reality outside her company.

She said, “after making a lot of money from it (slimming tea) of course. I see some of my former staff at the time calling me out for selling fake slimming tea. These people stole tens of millions of Naira from me monthly.

“Someone that stole from you as a business in Nigeria? You do not know resentment like someone who has built a life-stealing from you, accustomed to a new reality of more that they didn’t work for and then being yanked of…”

75k WhatsApp classes

Her thread inspired one Twitter user @DaughterOf_eve to expose a lady who engages in a webinar business. She claimed that the woman collected N75k for WhatsApp classes that didn’t worth 5 thousand Naira. The Twitter user also alleged that the business owner travelled without even rendering the service she has collected money for.

She said, “Refund everyone their money. Everyone who is dissatisfied with your services. Once you do, they’ll tell me. You can’t promise what you can’t deliver. That’s Glory Osei’s level kinda fraud. I know you have male genitals but your balls ain’t as big as hers. So behave.

“You charge us 75k for a course that’s isn’t worth 5k but you carry our money & be touring the world forming boss chic, meanwhile your whole brand is copy & paste from Glory Osei handbook.”

However, the Webinar entrepreneur, Moe, denied the accusations via a series of tweets, saying that she would not take the accusations likely. She disclosed that she recently had to travel and there would be a makeup class which would run till December.

Still, her accuser, @DaughterOf_eve insisted that her long grammar wasn’t acceptable; adding that they are waiting and that Moe has this week to redeem herself.

All this drama has also kept the name of the alleged internet fraudster, Mompha on the lips of many Twitter users. There have been a lot of reactions and counter-reactions on Twitter to all the scandals flying around.

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