Golden Boys Ent boss Patrick Anyaene accused Davido of incest following clash with Peruzzi

The battle for ownership and compensation between Davido and Peruzzi’s former boss, Patrick Anyaene seems unending. Patrick has come up with another accusation against Davido in recent tweets.

The CEO of Golden Boys Entertainment seems to be angered by David’s nonchalant attitude towards the saga that just erupted between the entertainers.

In a recent tweet, Peruzzi’s estranged boss revealed some dirty secrets of Davido online.

Read his tweets below:

If you’re Feeling stupid and you’re out there popping babies and giving girls STDs, don’t be sad, reach out to loved ones and get advise from your Huncho on how to fuck his Side Chick and pimp her out to you as his cousin.. Let’s be guided pls. Incest is a Sin..

Well, since the tweet is coming from an angrily bittered individual who felt cheated by a superior hands, it is therefore not wise to affirm that the tweet is real and genuine.

However, if there was any atom of truth in the that means millions of curious fans will know where Chioma sprang up from. The chain of love between Chioma and Davido warrant questioning. Many people have asked out of curiosity that when and how exactly did Davido met Chioma.

Meanwhile, Davido who seems calm after all just made a few comments on the tweet. He advised the Golden entertainment boss to seek help from people because it seems he is drifting into depression.

See his post below:

If you’re feeling depressed, remember that you’re not alone. God is with you always. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people in your family, your church, or your friend circles.Ask them to pray with you and not give u drugs ! Hope u feel better bro. Crackhead!

The new tweets from the two entertainers have generated lots of controversies especially on Twitter. Expectedly, the tweets got tongue waggling, many fans have called on the two entertainers to settle their dispute amicably and stop throwing shades to one another online.

See some comments below:

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