Gospel singer, Patience Akpabio advises women to stop having sex in the dark

Nigerian gospel singer, Patience Akpabio has advised people especially women to stop having sex in the dark. She insisted that children that are made in the darkness always have a negative view of life but children made in the light always have positive thinking.

She urged couples to stop the act of having sex in the dark, she advised that they should always ensure that there is light in the room during the sexual encounter so that they can bring children with positive energy and transparency into the world.

In her words ‘No more having sex in the dark with your husband. This is 2020, turn the lights on. Children produced in darkness have a different view of the world than those produced in light. Let us light up our world in the bedroom so we can have transparency and positive energy in this world’

Patience went further that sex in the dark makes a man act like a blind person but when there is light, he gets a clearer vision. She explained things about having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. The concept of boyfriend and girlfriend has generated a lot of controversies in recent times.

There is a school of thought that believed that young men or women should not have a girlfriend and vice-versa. She explained that having a girlfriend before marriage doesn’t naturally translate to sex which was commanded against in the scripture that the bed should be undefiled. According to Patience, it is an opportunity for a man to have a relationship with a woman, know who she is and if she will.be compatible for him to marry. If she is good for marriage, he should tie the knot with her and if not, he should walk out of the relationship. Nevertheless, a relationship does not mean sex.

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