Governor El-Rufai attacks PDP and claims that they are spreading fake news

Governor of Kano State EL-Rufai is getting set to start another term after winning the Kano 2019 governor election. He felt like his political party opponent PDP are behind the news that reported that he was in a serious car accident.  The news also said that Governor El-Rufai’s driver lost his life in the accident.   ‘Rufai Accident’ is currently trending on twitter today, Thursday, March 14, 2019, and El Rufai of Kano State is very unable about it.   This is Fake news; the governor is alive and well. 

A twitter handle said “Elrufai in a ghastly accident, his driver said to have died on the spot. No one knows the condition of the Kaduna Governor. Please pray for him no matter the differences we have politically.” 

He demoted the claims with a strong verbal attack charged towards PDP.  

KADUNA UPDATE: I woke up after a rare 8-hour bout of deep sleep to learn that some bigotry-driven, PDP-affiliated fake news platform has declared my driver dead and my humble self in coma. Both claims are false. I thank them for reducing the days in their lives and adding them to mine. I remain their permanent nightmare and not about to disappear from their wretched and corrupt lives any time soon by the Grace of Almighty Allah, until they are permanently retired and buried. – Nasir @elrufai

El Rufai is an outspoken governor under APC political party, he dislike PDP and they dislike him too. He caused PDP following the fake news. No one could confirm that PDP started the Fake news and PDP did not claim responsibility for the false news.

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