Grammy Nomination is a Huge Achievement, South African Rapper AKA said, declares Burna Boy a Winner

Burna Boy and AKA
Burna Boy and AKA

South Africa rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes alias AKA is perceived by most Nigerians on social media as an enemy of Nigerian raving musician Burna Boy. This perception was borne out of the feud that happened between them on Twitter in 2019 over the Xenophobic attacks Nigerians were subjected to by South Africans.

Burna Boy didn’t like the comments of the South African rapper on the crisis and had to issue a threat to AKA via Twitter. The threat he issued to the rapper and the fact that the Nigerian singer called out the government of South Africa, angered the rapper and then led other South Africans to attack him on Twitter.

The social media feud generated to what ended up making a concert Burna Boy was billed to perform at in South Africa impossible to hold.

So, when Burna Boy was nominated for the Grammy in November 2019, Nigerians on Twitter used Burna’s achievement to troll the South African rapper. A Twitter user attempted to bring back the troll when he tweeted at the rapper saying: “If Burna Boy wins grammy like this, We trolling AKA and S.A till the next Grammy awards.”

The rapper did not respond until after the Grammy. He took to his Twitter handle and wrote: “What you should have done is focus on the positive instead of thinking about me and my country. In any case, Burna is still a champion. We still consider him a winner.”

Another Twitter user who also tweeted at AKA to troll him on the eve of the Grammy wrote: “If Burna should win that grammy award, what am I saying. When Burna wins that grammy tonight AKA will be sent back to his village on credit by Nigerians.”

AKA then responded by tweeting: “I never hated Burna Boy. All I did was stand up for my country. I think it’s time to move past this narrative. Like I said, even a nomination is a huge achievement.”

Unfortunately for the Nigerian singer, and probably fortunately for AKA, Burna didn’t win it. No wonder those who were calling for AKA’s troll couldn’t stand it that they had to delete their earlier tweets trolling the rapper.

See AKA’s submissions on Burna Boy here:

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