Graphic : A Nigerian man Emeka Nzelu and one other man shot dead in South Africa

Nigerians continue to lose their lives in South Africa and it’s becoming very troubling.   A Nigerian man Emeka Nzelu and another young man lay in the pool of blood after being shot and killed by an unnamed gunman.   

Emeka is from Ozubulu town in Anambra State but the identity of the second victims is not yet known. They both died from a gunshot to the head.  Their killers fled and no arrest has been made in connection to the crime. 

Click below to look at the pictures, warning, the images are graphic.

Picture one

Picture two

Picture three

Another two victims were stabbed to their death during separate attacks in Johannesburg and Cape Town on Friday, April 5, and Saturday, April 6 respectively. Total 4 Nigerians have been killed within 7 days.

Xenophobic attacks is a major concern for Nigerians who lives in South Africa. Hate crime has increased among Nigerian communities and it becoming very dangerous to identify as a Nigerian in South Africa.

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