Graphic Jungle Justice: Robbers burned to death in Benue

According to reports, 3 suspected armed robbers attempted to rob a popular trader in Benue but they were unlucky.  A popular Igbo trader named CK was going about his business when suspected robbers attempted to rob him. They were 3 in number but one person got away.  The other two were captured, beaten and burned alive until they died. Angry mobs at Akerior in Ushongo local government area in Benue state killed the suspected robbers on Wednesday April 3rd.

A local made gun with several rounds of ammunition were found on the suspects and handed over to the police, says someone familiar with the story. 

No follow up arrest have been made in connection to the jungle justice incident.  Story developing. 

Warning Graphic content Click below to see the image

Benue murder Image 1

Benue murder Image 2

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