Can Griezmann Cope with Athetico Madrid’s Fans and Supporters?

Antonio Griezmann

Antonio Griezmann faces his former club, Athletico Madrid for the first time since he joins Barcelona. The reactions from the supporters and fans of Athletico Madrid might be brutal on the Frenchman.

Barcelona returns to La Liga for tough games after an amazing win against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League. The Catalan club travels to Spain capital to face Athletico Madrid, that is always very tough for Barca.

However, this game is one of the strong league matches up for Barcelona in December. Catalan giants will play the hot Real Sociedad, then great El Classico with Real Madrid follows.

Subsequently, the three ties will determine whether they can win the league title the third time. The defending champions must win these games to earn them good points. Also, making their way up for three consecutive wins of the league title.

Meanwhile, Griezmann as facing his former club might have to deal with unhappy reactions from Madrid supporters. So, he has to maintain his stability as usual against his former team. 

The world cup winner has to perform well alongside his fellow Catalans to ensure a win. On the other hand, his teammates should assist his performance to win the game for him and the club.

Griezmann faces his former club

It is safe to remember that Griezmann will clash with his two former clubs consecutively. As he faces Real Sociedad next, after Sunday night with Athletico Madrid. 

He spent some of his youth careers in Real Sociedad before getting promoted to the main team. Record says he has 180 appearances with 46 goals during his professional stay at the club. 

Then, he has 180 appearances with 94 goals for Athletico Madrid before joining Barca. Finally having his 13th appearance in Barcelona facing Athletico, his 14th meeting Sociedad.

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