Harrysong Finally Finds Isioma – He Is Keeping Fit For Her

Harrysong finally finds his isioma.

Harrysong finally finds his isioma. The Nigerian artist Harrysong was at the gym recently to get himself built-up for his future wife Isioma. But guess what part of the body Harrysong was working on?.

Incredibly the singer was working on just below his waist. LOL. He shares the video on Instagram dedicating the exercise to his wife-to-be.

He captions the video as: “This exercise is specifically for you Isibaby. I don’t share my……..?”. Wait what doesn’t harrysong share. Is it his manhood or what?.

See the video below:

However, after this video fans keep asking harrysong what kind of exercise this is, as they have never seen such.

A little while ago, Harrysong reveals he is on fasting and prayer to find a wife. The singer wants to get married because he is old, although be didn’t disclose his age.

Following this incident, Harrysong reveals that his grandmother has found a name for his bride which is Isioma.

Ever since, Harrysong has been searching everywhere for his Isioma, he even request fans to tag any Isioma they know with a good character.

Fortunately, he has now found his Isioma and sets to marry her January 2020. He disclosed this when he attended a wedding ceremony and says Isioma we are next in January.

Nonetheless, Harrysong is fulfilling his promise to love his Isioma whole heartedly. He seems to be very happy ever since he found his Future wife, he mentions her name almost on all his post.

Harrysong is currently on a mission to spread love and Isioma came at the perfect time. While he was performing, he takes of his jacket, shoes, cap and even belt and gives it to a fan. He says if he doesn’t spread love what is his gain.

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