Harrysong is finally ready to marry!

Harrysong set to marry soon

Highlife singer, Harrysong set to marry soon. He said that he will spend the night to think about it and choose his Queen.

Harrison Tare Okiki is so old that everyone is expecting him to have been married a long time ago.

The Nigerian singer said in his earlier update that he needs a wife from East Africa like Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania. He, however, said that he has made up his mind to marry in 2020, and said that he must marry. 

Harrison wants to pray and fast for tonight before choosing his suitable Queen. Moreover, he said that his preference is a fresh lady, yellow with a big backside. 

Furthermore, Harrysong started his musical career when he was 11 years old. He started as a Congarist at a church where his mother served as music director. 

Subsequently, mission 2020 is becoming real to Harrysong as he set to marry. It is certain that everyone will be happy when the singer finally finds a wife. 

See the video below:

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