Harrysong told some people to F*ck off his Instagram page

Social media drama gets to celebrities too. Harrysong felt like he doesn’t like some of the people on his Instagram page because they don’t like what he post and also because they do not agree with him in on some posts.

He made a post about changing the rules and the level to which he’d accommodate certain comments on his Instagram page. He used a strong language and said people can f*ck off.

“ NOW LISTEN AND LISTEN GOOD….THE RULES ON THIS PAGE JUST CHANGED….. IF YOU RE NOT A FAN OF MY MUSIC,CRAFT&BRAND, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS Page,,🖕 this page is strictly for true fans, true lovers,true friends& true followers.#BE WARNED👹 IT’S ALL LOVE HERE..NO HATES👹 – Harrysong

It appear that Nigerian celebrities won’t be taking any nonsense from fans this year. They are talking back and they are very aggressive when they do.

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