Hausa actress, Maryam Booth accuses her ex-boyfriend of blackmail after her nude video got leaked on social media

Popular Hausa actress, Maryam Booth has reacted the short clip has finally reacted to her nude video that sparked an outrageous storm on Twitter on Friday, February 7. In the 3 seconds clip that was shared the Kannywood star was filmed stark naked while she was trying to wear her underwear.

After the nude video went viral, social media users accused her ex-boyfriend, Ibrahim Ahmad Rufai a.k.a Deezell of releasing the video.

The way and manner at which the actress rushed at the unidentified person behind the camera was alarming. It suggests that she was not aware that she was being filmed while she was dressing.

Trust the guts of social media users in Nigeria, her estranged boyfriend, Ibrahim Ahmad Rufai popularly known as Deezell was accused of releasing the demeaning video online.

However, Deezell also debunked the allegation the he leaked the video online. He issued a statement to that effect.

Read his statement below:

Reasonably, Deezell’s comment has compelled the Kannywood actress to reveal more things. Maryam reiterated the fact that she will take legal action against the culprit who leaked the video.

Meanwhile, the actress also believed the video was leaked by her ex-boyfriend, Deezell who recorded the video about three years ago. She alleged that Deezell had threatened to release the video if she doesn’t pay him.

Read her statement below:

“I am aware of the current trends and media outrage regarding the unfortunate leaked video, purported to be me, released via number of social media platforms, and viewed by thousands of people so far,” she said.

“Initially, I wanted to keep mute until security agencies concluded their forensic research and investigation.

“The recent statement from someone, in person of Ibrahim Ahmad Rufai, popularly known as Deezell, leaves me with no choice but to break the silence. As a woman, actress and role model I will not let this matter to be swept under the carpet.

“For the record, I want to categorically state that this same man (Ibrahim Ahmad Rufai) has been, in multiple occasions threatened to leak my video if I didn’t give him money.

“As a woman, actress and role model to millions, I have been trying to protect my dignity through possible means, but without my knowledge, the three-year-old video was leaked.

“In a situation like this, one need to be very observant before any pronouncement, but it is true that Deezell was my Ex who then sneakily recorded me while I was changing.

“I am already in touch with associates for consultation, which may require taking legal actions against whoever is responsible for leaking it.”

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