Heartwarming moment a visually impaired was seen hawking banana to train his child in Kaduna

The country is filled with so many abled men begging on the street not to take care of anyone but to feed their own mouth. From the ghetto street of Lagos to the rural areas in Northern Nigeria, there are thousands of beggars defacing the image of the street.

While there are abled men who are fit for work, whose hands are strong enough to work on the farm but choose to confine themselves to the street where they beg for alms. There are other men who disabled but have a high sense of responsibility, these people would do everything noble to make money except begging for alms.

Such is the story of one man in Kaduna State. The unidentified man is visually impaired, one of such men that would have decided to beg for alms in the street. However, this man chooses to do something more productive and noble to make money instead of begging despite being underserved.

A Facebook user identified as Mohammed Hassan shared a picture of the blind man online selling banana to train his son. In the picture, the man was seen with his son who helps as his guide. Mr. Hassan shared the picture with a caption which reads;

I have encounter, with this wonderful blind man selling banana at AP filling station along waff road in kaduna. The boy in the picture is his son, guiding him. He pay all his bills, and train his childrens in schools. Pls patronise him for moral encouragement

This is an act to emulate. Instead of sitting down and blaming people for our predicament, we can still make things happen.

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