Helicopter carrying Vice President Osinbajo crashed while landing

The Helicopter Carrying the Vice President of Nigeria crashed earlier today while landing at Kabba Township Stadium in Kogi State.  

The vice president went to Kogi State to campaign, we are still waiting on number of casualties. We will update this page as more information become available. President Buhari is not in the helicopter with him.

The Vice President Yemi Osinbajo sent a message from his twitter account that he and his team are safe and they are continuing the campaign in Kabba, Kogi State as scheduled.

His transport team will send another helicopter to come and carry him from Kabba before the campaign is over.

Update on Vice president Osibanjo’s helicopter crash

We have a video that shows moment that the helicopter crashed while it was trying to land near a stadium in Kabba, Kogi State. Luckily no one was badly injured from the crash. Mr. Osinbajo was able to walk way with no injury. His doctors will take another look at him after the campaign in Kogi State. 

How many people died from the Vice President Osinbajo’s helicopter crash

The accident could have been deadly because the were no fire fighter or adequate immanency team on ground at the time of the crash .

The vice president was seen greeting supporters shortly after, luckily no one died.

Nigeria airline faced difficulties in ensuring safe flight around the country due to poor infrastructures. However, have managed to limit the number of air accidents in the past few years. The last time a plane crashed in Nigeria was in the year 2012. 

Dana Air Flight 992 crashed into a furniture store and killed all 153 people aboard the flight from Abuja to Lagos. Addition 10 people on ground were also killed as result of the crash. 

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