Hired killers strangled CEO of ETASHOL to death in her hotel

The CEO of ETASHOL was killed in her hotel room by suspected hired killers. The hotel manager was also killed.

“Mourning the death of my beautiful beloved sister, CEO of ETASHOL. Who was full of life, health, and strong. She was unfortunately killed on the 24th of January, 2019. Some wicked people came to her Hotel and strangled her and the Hotel Manager to death. She never got involved in any shady business, she was a hard working mom. Mother of four. She was living in England for over 34 years, and in January last year she decided it was time to go back home to settle, in just one year she was murdered like a goat.” – Abiodun Yetunde Olusoga Teriba

The lady owns a hotel in Nigeria, she was in her room at her hotel where she was strangled to death. The killer also killed her hotel manager.

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