Hoodlums robbed and attacked Rapper Yung6ix

Yung6ix was out and about to have fun before he was violently robbed and attacked. The attack landed him in the hospital but he did not sustain a life-threatening injury.  

He was at Alpha beach in Lagos to chill with some friend when the attack happened.  Alpha beach is located at Eti Osa, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.  The beach is in the good part of Lagos, and it’s very unusual for a celebrity to be attacked in such an area. Although a lot of homeless people and young males hang around the area to hustle and to beg celebrities for money. It’s usually a calm area.

While attacks at Alpha Beach are unusual, a lot of celebrities have been very close to being mobbed and robbed by the young guys that han around the beach. Tiwa Savage had a run in with some thugs at the beach few months ago but she was lucky to make it out safely. 

“I just wanted to show some love”, Yung6ix said after he was attacked.  People familiar with the incident reported that the rapper thought that the thugs were his fans, but thing turned ugly when one guy snatched his chain and some the rest of the guys mobbed him of his valuables. 

“I was there, I saw the whole thing. At first, we all felt it was just boys begging Yung6ix to show love and find them small money. But we started hearing noise and argument. Before we knew what was happening, they snatched his chain immediately and rough-handled the guy.” the witness said. 

Yung6ix post a series of tweets after the attack, “Had a terrible experience yesterday. God is in control still. Life is better tha gold or diamond. I guess it’s time for new doinz.

“ He said. 

His attackers made away with his earring, the snatched it off from his ears and he lost some part of his earlobes. His car was also damaged.

Doctors sutured his earlobes with few stitches, and he was released from the hospital the same day.

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