How Air Europe and British Airways Almost Crash on the same day in Different cities

Air Europe

It was almost a horrific day for three hundred people on board Air Europe as the plane which flew them from Madrid to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport struggled to land due to the heavy Storm Ciara on Sunday.

When the Air Europe flight UX1093 approached Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and attempted to land, the holiday jet shook violently and drove the passengers into a serious state of panic.

According to reports, the plane made five landing attempts at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport but it was beaten by the strong winds from Ciara, known as Storm Sabine in Europe.

When the pilot couldn’t handle the situation at Amsterdam, the pilot was left with no choice than to turn back to Madrid, the destination the pilot took off from.

According to the testimony of one of the passengers on the plane, Mark Haagen, some of the passengers on board the plane vomited due to the turbulent flight as luggage was thrown around the cabin.

He said: “The pilot stopped the landing twice at the very last moment and we took off again at 150 meters above the runway. Really not cool.

“People screamed and were puking. The turbulence was enormous, everything vibrated and went back and forth. The luggage flew back and forth.”

The British Airways Experience Similar to that of Air Europe

British Airways experienced a similar incident on Sunday. An airbus which was reportedly flying from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria, had difficulties in landing at Heathrow Airport, Longford, England.

The pilot of the plane had to abort the first landing attempt seconds after touching down on the runway due to the heavy Storm Ciara. It was however reported that the plane finally landed safely after cycling the airport.

What a black Sunday, February 9, 2020, it would have been if such horrific accidents were not averted. If the worst had happened, the death toll wouldn’t have been funny at all. But gracefully, the anointed pilots were on duty.

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