How Hillary Clinton predicted war with Iran if Donald Trump becomes US President

The recent missile duel between the United States of America and Iran may be quite shocking and surprising to many people, but to someone like Hillary Clinton, it is just one of the things expected to happen.

A throwback video shared online showed the moment the 2016 Democratic party Presidential candidate talked about Donald Trump leading America to war should he become president. Though, her statement might sound more like an unfortunate campaign strategy or mere political propaganda aimed at demeaning the Republican party Presidential candidate from getting the votes and trust of the people.

See video here:

Hillary Clinton explained that Donald Trump (now the President) know nothing about diplomacy or the act of it. She predicted that the country might be going to war soon just because someone, might be an individual of another country gets Donal Trump angry.

If anyone should give rapt attention to the video, one would discover that it was as if Hillary Clinton had done a colossal check up on the nature of Donald Trump and she could predict almost everything that would happen if he was elected as president of the United States of America.

She explained that Trump is a kind of man that would misuse power. According to her, Trump is not the type of man that is fit to be the commander in chief of the United States. Trump is someone that could wage war against a Nation just because an individual from that Nation has offended him and because he has right and access to the sophisticated arsenal of the greatest country on earth.

Apparently, the Americans must have seen and known more and better than any other person now that there is a duel between the US and Iran.

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