How Lagos Danced With Three Fire Outbreaks on Tuesday

A scene of Balogun fire outbreak

On Tuesday, the 5th of November, 2019, Lagos State witnessed three fire outbreaks. The biggest of them was that of Balogun Market in Lagos Island; the other happened in Dosunmu, while the last happened in a Chin Chin factory.

Balogun market fire outbreak

A statement the Lagos State Emergency Authority (LASEMA) issued in regards the Balogun market fire outbreak, says the incident happened on a 6 storey building at 43 Martin street. It also said that the fire engulfed a 3 storey commercial building of lock-up shops.

As at then, the fire had affected almost every section of both buildings and had the capacity to spread to other buildings next to them, due to proximity and closeness of the buildings in the highly populated area.

Hence, the statement from LASEMA noted that the area presented peculiar difficulties to access the source of the fire in order to effectively put it out on time. It, however, said the operatives were on top of the situation.

Though there are still sketchy details about the cause and the level of casualties, reports have it that respondents and men of the fire service worked till late in the night to put out the fire. It was also gathered that a policeman was injured when a part of the building that was worst affected collapsed.

This is the second time in two years that such an incident has happened as a fire outbreak was recorded in the market in February 2017.

Dosunmu fire outbreak

In the case of the Dosunmu fire outbreak, the fire engulfed a residential building. A video that went viral in this regard shows that the last floor of the storey building was heavily affected. Residents in the area attempted to put out the fire as they await the arrival of firemen. The cause and the level of casualties are still unknown.

A scene of Dosunmu Fire outbreak

The Chin Chin Factory Fire Outbreak

On the same Tuesday, another fire outbreak engulfed a chin-chin factory belonging to Didaskalos Vado Ventures.

In the case of this fire outbreak, an electric spark reportedly caused the outbreak but an emergency response team which comprised of the Fire Service, LASEMA and the police put out the fire.

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