Hushpuppi reunites with his son, starts a business with a plan to give back to the poor

Nigerian billionaire Hushpuppi has opened up about one of his businesses. The world has been inquiring about what he does for a living but no one knows. He spends lavishly, he is rich and now he is ready to give back to the community.

Hushpuppi shared his plans in a long post that he shared on his Instagram page. He said: “I won’t say I have had a smooth journey throughout my life, some have been bumpy, some have led to bad endings and some better but I am glad I finally have the grace to be able to have worked hard outside far away from home and be able to take this trip back to Africa to invest and introduce some high end world-class infrastructures and provide jobs for the people and also boost the economy in general. Also, I will be setting up a foundation that will earn some percentage of the profits made in this new project which will support young people achieve their dreams. Majority of my works won’t be filmed for Instagram shows but every once in a while I shall update some of the progress of the project to inspire other young ones from all around the world to not neglect our motherland (if I can inspire you to wear Gucci and Fendi, then I should be able to inspire you to become better). #SecuritySolutions#SolarSolutions #RealEstate #Forex#YouthEmpowerment #Entrepreneur#Mentorship #PovertyAlleviation“.

According to him, the proceeds from his new company will go to poor people through his foundation.

Bought myself that S650 Maybach like 🤷‍♂️

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