I Don Blow….. Speed Darlington Makes Call to Zlatan Ibile With Cash

Since his arrival into the country, Speed Darlington has not stopped from entertaining his followers.

In his recent video, Darlington, who has been chilling with his goons, especially Zlatan, was seen making a phone call with the cash he just received from someone than a normal phone call. Zlatan facilitated his return and he has ensured that he is settled after spending 18 years in America

Bro Darlington, are you okay? He is because the language that Zanku master, Zlatan Ibile hears is money and making money call is his hubby, lol.

Speed Darlington who recently performed at Zlatan’s show before having a nice time at a strip club is planning of changing his necklace to gold as they look beautiful on the neck of Africans, according to him.

“Hello Zanku, Zanku himself. Hey, ore mi. What’s up? Yea, men, G Blow just bless me, G. Yoo, am in Abuja right now. When I come back, I want you to take me to one gold store. I want to stack up gold, I need another necklace men, for real.
.”You know we black boys, we look best in gold. Yeah, dederenge,” he was heard in the video posted on his Instagram page.

Replying in the comment page, Zlatan told him that his plan of going back to the US is not sure.

“I tell you say your going back to Yankee never sure !! You go flex taya,” he wrote.

So, he is just starting? Anyway, Darlington has all his ‘madness in stock and his fans like him that way. With the look of the thing, he might not go back to the US with these kinds of enjoyments and blessings from all corners.

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