”I Gave Tottenham The Best of Me” – Pochettino

”I gave Tottenham the best of me” Pochettino

Former Tottenham’s head coach, Mauricio Pochettino breaks his silence to say ”I gave Tottenham the best of me”. 

Pochettino has been with the London club for five years and a half before his dismissal last week. The team hasn’t been doing well this season, as they drop to the bottom half of the premier league table.

Jose Mourinho swiftly replacing him led the club back to their wins as they win against WestHam and Olimpiacos. Mourinho got his appointment on Wednesday 20th, November following Pochettino sack on Tuesday. 

The Argentine coach did not acquire any trophy during his stay in the club for five years. But he said that he is happy to be with the great team.

Consequently, the 47-year-old coach gave Spurs regular appearance in the Champions League. Also reaching the finals of the 2018/2019 Champion league.

He has, however, created strong team members for the spurs who are great players in the premier league. Pochettino gave the club recognition across the world. 

See his statement below:

He shows his excitement and gratitude for being with the great Spurs for that period. “I would like to thank [owner] Joe Lewis and [chairman] Daniel Levy. For giving me the opportunity to be part of Tottenham Hotspur’s history.” He said this in a statement released by the League Managers Association.

He continues “I would like to thank also everyone I met at Tottenham. All the club staff and the football players during these five and a half years.

“Finally, I would like to give a special mention to the fans who make this club so great with their fantastic support.

“I gave the best of me to accomplish the objectives I was asked for in our first meeting. There were equally tough challenges as exciting success.

“Best wishes for the future, I am sure we will cross paths again.” he ended.

Meanwhile, several football clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich has been eyeing the Argentine coach even before his dismissal. Also, Arsenal is likely looking out on him while Unai Emery is facing hardship at the club.

No news about his next move yet, but his great works will not stop at Tottenham. Anyway, Mourinho’s former club Manchester United is also on the run for Pochettino. 

The coach may find himself in a circle with his former club Spurs again. Arsenal is Tottenham’s close rival, while Man U is Mourinho’s former club.

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