I have nothing against you before, but now I have everything against you, Omini Aho reacts to assault on him by Ubi Franklin

Ubi Franklin has been accused of assaulting a comedian. The allegation was levelled against music mogul by a fast-rising comedian, Omini Aho.

Omini brought up the allegation via his Facebook page on Monday, October 21, 2019. According to him, he had made a joke about Ubi which obviously didn’t go down well with the CEO of TripleG.

But seriously, comedians are sort of legit allowed to crack their jokes basically with anything and anyone. Omini Also alleged that Ubi attacked him backstage after his performance at MC Acapella’s comedy show. Really? Was it really that serious? This is what the comedian posted on his Facebook page:

“The job of a comedian is to find humor in every situation and put it out for the audience. I did a joke yesterday and Ubi came backstage and jacked me, I was trying to be calm because I didn’t want to disrupt Acapella’s show, the next thing was a slap (Gbosa) Ubi don slap Omini Aho, chia, as I wan retaliate Na so bouncer holds us. I think Ubi don bribe the bouncer, I have nothing personal about Ubi before then but now, I have everything personal against him,” he wrote.

No intention to hurt

He further stated that Comedians’ Jokes are always on something or someone, adding that no comedian goes out with the intention of hurting anyone.

The fast-rising comic actor noted that the aim of comedy is to generate laughter. He, however, expressed his disappointment on Ubi whom he said show that his mind is quick to anger as his ejaculation. He stated that if everyone goes by Ubi’s way, Tubabaand Donald Trump would have killed almost every comedian in Nigeria and America respectively. We guess Buhari would not be nice too just like Ubi.

Ubi Franklin is well known for his business prowess. But he has been in the news lately over topics unconnected to music or the business world.

He sometimes trends on social media on issues like a relationship with celebrities of even baby mama dramas.

We really cannot get enough of the baby mama series in the entertainment industry.

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