I have things to do, no time for Vector again – MI Abaga

The rap attack between popular rapper, MI Abaga, and his colleague Vector have no doubt gain the attention of many music fans.

With Vector releasing the ‘Judas The Rat Track’, MI, a record label executive has said that he will no longer speak about the incident again. He added that he has addressed the issue on Instagram and won’t be making any further comment.

The duo had been at each other’s jugulars for some time, releasing separate tracks to that effect.

Speaking to Saturday Beats, the popular MI Abaga insisted that he is busy with other things and will be shooting music videos and travelling in the next couple of days.

Vector dissed MI, Calling him a Bit**h

Not a publicity stunt

On the part of Vector, his publicist, Tunde Badmus said the jibe between the two is not a publicity stunt.

“We are not fake people. We only go for genuine things. This issue started with the recording they (MI) did, in which they were throwing shades at us. But, we did not say anything. They then did another one, and that was like dragging our name in the mud, so we had to respond. Meanwhile, Vector is still working on replying MI. He asked for it, and he is going to get it,” he explained.

Badmus added that he is not expecting MI to apologise over the matter for there to be a reconciliation between both artistes in the near future.

“This is hip hop and it has always been like that from the inception. If there is going to be an apology, it might be through a song; I don’t think it would be direct as such.”

MI Abaga’s No Snake

Speaking on the inscription, ‘No Snakes’ on MI’s shirt to the BBNaija finale, a PR executive with Chocolate City, Aisosa Okundaye, maintained that it was just a message.

“It is primarily what it is— a shirt. As for the message on it, if anybody believes the message is for them, they should catch their ‘sub’. People walk around with shirts that have different inscriptions every day.”

Okundaye who said neither the fans nor the media could bring an end to the ‘beef’ noted that it is clearly an MI and Vector conversation to have.

“We are always just going to be spectators from the outside. On the ‘Viper’ track, MI said Vector could go-ahead to do whatever he wanted, but he has addressed the issue as best as he can. Whatever Vector says now is up to him, MI has left the conversation.”

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