I have Once Beaten 5 Bouncers – Teniola

I once defeated 5 bouncers.

I once defeated 5 bouncers. Teniola is at it again she says she has once beaten 5 bouncers and 20 mobile police, shocking isn’t it. It’s just one of her jokes.

Meanwhile, she mentions this in a video while she was threatening to beat her friend. Who is identified as Officiallelo on Instagram.

In the video, Teni was sitting quietly and Lelo was poking her, Teni replies that she is going to beat him. Adding that Lelo should hold on for a while she wears her socks, as soon as teni was standing, the artist reveals that she is very strong. Since she has once fought with 5 bouncers and 20 mopols which she defeated them.

Along the line, all Teniola was saying is not true, she ends her drama by saying she is now a born again Christian. Born again Christians don’t fight.

See the video below:

Nigerians however believe Teniola is a very great musician, she has this angelic voice that commands attention whenever she sings.

About the same time to when she was fighting, the young Billionaire casts out every spirit sucking her data and her credit.

Consequently, the way this networks especially MTN drains data is very alarming, moreover, she didn’t mention the network she is using.

She immediately composed a song asking to know what spirit exhausts her data because she is doesn’t seem to understand.

Right about now, she might have answers to her questions. Her fans are ready to Proffer possible solutions to her problem.

Although Teni is a musician but she is good at comedy. A couple of weeks ago she asked Davido to shop for anything he wants because she is a billionaire. However, she told the storekeeper she will be paying the next day.

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