I really Want to Get Over With ‘Marriage’ in 2020, I’m Ready to Loosen Up, Frank Edward Says

Frank Edward
Frank Edward

One of the most famous gospel artist in Nigeria, Frank Edward, says he is set to get married in 2020. According to him, when one has a vision and purpose, marriage helps. The gospel superstar stated this recently in an interview with Punch.

While answering how his ministry affects him as a young unmarried man, Frank Edward said purpose and ambition are more important to him than marriage. He noted that one of the ways to avoid scandals as an unmarried celebrity is to be strict.

The 30-year-old singer however disclosed that he often wishes that he was married before the fame, hoping that God would see him through the process.

The singer said: “I really want to get over with it (Marriage) this year. I need to leave this club; it’s no longer fun having to slip into the kitchen in the middle of the night to get something to eat.

“A lot of times, one is also being careful because one doesn’t know the one that one would talk to and would say, “Oh, a man of God.” There is a way people see us, forgetting that a man of God would also get married. How would a man of God get married if he doesn’t ask for numbers? However, this year, I have made up my mind to break the jinx. I grew up in a very spiritual background but I had to work on myself and loosen up.”

On why gospel artists are hardly used as brand ambassadors or influencers, the “Oghene Doh” crooner said gospel musicians are different from secular musicians. He said gospel artists are in a ministry while others are in an industry.

“I tell people that if you want to make money, don’t do gospel music; you would have a lot of issues. Gospel music means one is reaching out to people through music; the others are strictly entertainment…,” he added.

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