“ I used masturbation to cure my depression “ – Nigeria lady

A Nigerian lady revealed that she was depressed after having her child. No other treatment was able to cure her depression but masturbation with sex toys. She revealed during a talk show. And she wants more women to come out and discuss masturbation. 

“When I had my daughter,i became insecure during sex but this all changed when I started Masturbating with a vibrator ” – Ladies! Can we Finally discuss Masturbation!! Do you struggle with your reclaiming your sexuality and what are your thoughts on masturbation?? “ – Lolo Cynthia

She mentioned that she was insecure after childbirth because she had stretch marks, sagging boobs and her body wasn’t the same anymore. As a result she was depressed but she would feel better after masturbation so she began to use masturbation to cure her depression. 

“After I had my child, I was done with sex, when I want to have sex I always have to off the light, my stretch marks, my boobs, I was like no; can’t do it anymore. I met a friend, and she introduced me to sex toys, I bought a vibrator then all the hell was loose, the vibrator set the bar and if a man can’t meet that standard, he can go” – Lolo

She revealed on the talk show that she also want to help other ladies to purchase sex toys and to encourage them to use it if they are insecure. They can use it if they are depressed after childbirth, she said.

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