Shocking! A man tries to Kiss South African Rapper AKA on the Mouth after his Concert


South African rapper confessed that he used to be a real short-tempered idiot in his prime. He said a man tried to kiss him after his concert and he was able to keep his cool.

The rapper who made this confession via Twitter shared a series of tweets narrating how the man tried to kiss him and how he was able to prove that he has overcome his short-tempered nature.

“Even last night, I got off stage and hugged some fan, do you know what this guy does? He tries to kiss me on the mouth”, he said.

According to the rapper, instead of hitting the man in the face, he told him that he actually deserved to get hit in the face. “Controlled my temper like a champ. Super proud of myself”, he tweeted.

“No jokes!!! The fan guy tried to lamza me. Smh. It was a close one for him. More than anything I couldn’t believe how brave/stupid this person was”, he added.

See some of the tweets:

AKA is one of the most prominent hip hop artists in South Africa. He used to be very active in the Nigerian music scene with a couple of collaborations with Nigerian artists like Ice Prince.

However, the story changed in recent times when he involved himself in Twitter battle with Nigerian musician Burna Boy. The battle led to the cancellation of a show which Burna Boy was billed to headline.

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