I wake up and tell myself I am the F*cking best” Davido

Davido made a bold statement to give himself the accolades he thinks he deserves. According to him, he felt he wasn’t praised enough for the work he’s doing to push Afrobeat forward around the world.

As a result, he wakes up every morning and tells himself that he is the best at making Afrobeat music. ”

I WAKE UP EVERYDAY AND TELL MYSELF IM THE FUCKING BEST IN THIS SHIT!! YOU SHOULD TOO!!!!!”, Davido wrote on his Instagram page on his Social media page.

Davido is a supers star and he’s been a blessing to many up and coming musicians in Nigeria and around the world.

He released a video about how underrated he’s been his entire career. If you miss it, Check here. Davido ” no one supported me”.

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