I Was Once A Bus Conductor And A Bike Rider … Small Doctor Buys a G-Wagon Mercedes Benz

From grass to grace, Small doctor shares his life experiences in a few words. He says he was once a bus conductor and also a bike rider right after buying a G-Wagon Mercedes Benz.

He revealed this on his Instagram sitting nicely on his new car, that before he became a star he suffered a great deal. Small doctor was practically not born with a silver spoon, he worked his way to the top.

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His life experience, has thought many fans a lesson of not giving up, even when the journey seems rough and tough.

Adekunle Temitope, better known by his stage name Small Doctor, is a Nigerian Fuji, afro-pop recording artist and a performer.

His “Mosquito Killer” song made him very popular in 2015 as every Nigerian especially street guys always jump at the sound of the song.

Small Doctor released another single “Penalty”, this song won award for the “Best Street Hop” at The Headies in 2018. Small Doctor was widely talked-about after the penalty song and he appeared on almost every TV station for interview at that time.

His Songs are mostly composed in English and Yoruba. He attended secondary school but did not conclude his university program due to his pursue for music. Small Doctor dropped out from the University of Lagos to concentrate on full time music.

On the 3rd of December 2018, Small Doctor was arrested for alleged possession of firearms and for also threatening to shoot a police officer who was on traffic duty along Oshodi, Lagos State.

Barely 24 hours later a magistrate court in Ebute Meta cleared all charges against him and was released.

Small doctor has won various awards like City Awards and The Headies from 2015 up till 2018, although he is yet to receive any award this year, but the artist Is still relevant in the music industry.

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