Iceberg Slim responds to critics who shamed him for cheating on Juliet Ibrahim

Nigerian rapper, Oluwasegun Olowokere better known by stage name Iceberg Slim has finally responded to critics shaming him for cheating on Ghanaian sophisticated actress Juliet Ibrahim.

The Nigerian rapper who seems tired of heavy criticism that he has been getting since he walked out of a relationship with Juliet Ibrahim, took to his Instagram story to address the ‘Self righteous’ who always attack him for cheating.

In his words, Iceberg Slim explained that he doesn’t ‘downplay’ or try to ‘justify’ his wrong deeds but he has ‘owned’ taken full responsibility for his actions, learned from it and moved on with life.

See some screenshots of his post

He jokingly wrote:

Na cheat I cheat, I no kill person.”

He went further that he has always tried to explain to people that what happened is no man’s business, but he and the person that was involved that is Juliet Ibrahim. The star actor emphatically wrote:

NO ONE’s business

In another slide, he said that social media has become too toxic and he’s only there for the memes.

It would be recalled that in 2019 Iceberg Slim had revealed that the Ghanaian actress was a toxic person who always wants to be in control. After their relationship ended, Iceberg went to her to beg for her forgiveness. The Nigerian rapper accepted the fact he lied to her, cheated on her and took her for granted, however, Juliet Ibrahim is a strong woman, she surely found her way around the situation and rise again.

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