If you are looking for your missing husband, wait for him at home, Bobrisky Tells Married women

Nigerian Crossdresser Bobrisky

In recent times, there have been reoccurring cases of wives going after the side chicks of their husbands and fighting with them both in the homes of the side chicks and in public places. To keep such bad energy far away from himself, most famous crossdresser in Nigeria Bobrisky warned married women never to try such a thing with him.

Recall that the crossdresser who has made himself a celebrity and social media influencer, boasted several times on how he has “sugar daddies” who always spend so much on him. In a couple of occasions, he did videos and share them on social media to flaunt things he gets from his male lovers and admirers.

Hence, Bobrisky who was apparently not happy with the trend of women attacking the side chicks of their husbands, took to his Instagram account on Thursday, March 5, 2020, to tell wives who go around fighting to save their marriages to stay far away from him whenever they see him with their husbands.

In the post, the crossdresser warned married women to face their cheating husbands, not their side chicks, especially if the side chicks didn’t come to their matrimonial homes to snatch their husbands away from them.

Bobrisky went on to threaten women who try to visit his home to attack him for sleeping with their husbands, saying that he would beat such a woman to coma and make her clean his house.

“If you are looking for your missing husband, wait for him at home. If you try shit with me, I will beat you to coma”, the crossdresser told the wives of his customers.

Bobrisky's post

So, wives are warned. To be carried away by the fact that Bobrisky dresses like a lady, he still has the man in him locked up somewhere; please don’t force him to unleash it on you.

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