If you are Wondering What Toke Makinwa Uses all her days to do, the acronym is WFSG, check it Out

Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa has successfully mastered the art of expressing herself freely on social media just like how she does as a radio personality, television host or an author. Her will to freely express herself has always made her the topic on so many platforms and a constant trend on social media.

Before she stylishly turned herself to a social media influencer and a controversial figure on the internet, she first gained Nigerians attention as the beautiful voice behind the mic on “The Morning Drive” show on Rhythm 93.7 FM.

And then, Social media happened, her famous break-up with her husband Ayida happened in 2015, then she turned an author and wrote her bestseller “On Becoming”. To crown it all up, she became more seen around the world as not just an influencer but a fashion icon.

All this water and more passed through the bridge of her life within 35 years of her existence as a human on this earth.

What brought about all this that has begun to sound like a biography? Well, it is a reply she made via her Twitter account today, January 14, 2020. A Twitter follower of hers was wondering where she has been. Toke Makinwa, in her element, replied by writing: “Working, fucking, sleeping, getting my life girl”.

Another Twitter follower of the media personality tweeted to show how amazed she was to read that Toke Makinwa also f**k. The On-Air personality replied to remind the Twitter follower that she is 35-year-old and qualified to play such a game.

But the question is, who is she playing the game with since she made it seems so frequent. Since 2017 when a court in Lagos found her estranged husband guilty of adultery and ended their union, Toke has no known date. Anyway, that shouldn’t be our business but we hail the lucky man doing the job for her.

See the uncensored tweet of Toke Makinwa here:

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