I’m Very Proud of You, Audu Maikori, Former Boss of MI Abaga Eulogizes MI

MI Abaga and Audu Maikori
MI Abaga and Audu Maikori

On Friday, March 6, 2020, the biggest news in the Hip-Hop scene of the Nigerian music industry was the departure of Nigerian rap legend MI Abaga from Chocolate City record label founded by Nigerian entrepreneur and lawyer Audu Maikori.

The huge news was a double dose because the rapper used the same period to announce his exit from the label which he has associated with for 13 years and also announced the release of his 10th studio project “Judah EP”.

To everyone’s surprise, that same day, the founder of Chocolate City who people expected would come out to make some derogatory remarks about the rapper like in the cases of most former employers and employees in Nigeria, Audu shared a series of tweets to praise the rapper.

In one of the tweets he shared, he described MI Abaga as his brother, friend and business partner and congratulated him for launching his own record label “Incredible Music”.

“I am very very proud of you.. to see your growth from musician to a superstar, from finding talent to running record labels, from being a leader to an icon, from sitting on a board to running the whole board & from speaking about yourself to speaking up for others. One thing that’s outstanding for me is that I could always rely on you to keep your word.. we call that integrity..it’s a rare substance that is very scarce”, he wrote.

The entertainment entrepreneur went further to assure MI Abaga that he and his team are always behind him and that he has started looking forward to more “incredible things” from the rapper.

“You almost singlehandedly made hip hop viable in Nigeria..now see your offspring spring forth. Just can’t wait for what’s coming! Let’s get it bro!!!” he added.

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