Invictus Obi facing 30 years in Jail, to forfeit $ 11 million and diamond ring

Nigerian fraudster Invictus Obi (Obinwanne Okeke) has been charged with several counts of fraud and he is expected to forfeit 11 million dollars in assets. He is also facing 30 years in jail. Obinwannne Okeke has been in jail since he was arrested on August 6th, 2019.

The prosecutors recommend that Obi forfeits at least $11 million in cash and asset. The emerald cut engagement ring found on him when he was arrested, was also added to the list of items to be forfeited. 

FBI arrested Obinwanne Okeke (Invictusobi) for $11 million fraud, Identity theft

According to the person with the knowledge of the case, the grand jury went through the investigation report and returned with an indictment of Mr Okeke for the $11 million fraud on September 9. 

Obinwanne ‘Invictus’ Okeke taps a Nigerian lawyer to defend him in the $ 11 million fraud charge

Obinwanne Okeke if facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted. Also, he is expected to enter a plea deal. The next hearing date is on September 16. 

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