Is AKA Calling For War?


It seems South African rapper AKA is not done with his bitterness against Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Burna Boy. It seems he is bound to ensure that Burna doesn’t perform in South Africa.

For instance, yesterday, he reminded South Africans about the comment the Afrobeat singer made that he would never step his foot in South Africa.

South Africans on Twitter then urged Burna Boy to apologize or forget about the show he is billed to headline in South Africa on November 23 and 24, 2019.

Many of the South Africans said they will boycott the show if Burna Boy does not apologize or replaced with another musician.

In a follow up to his series of tweets, AKA took to Twitter today again to urge South Africans not to allow anyone deters them from being patriotic.

He further urged them to protect their country and its reputation at all costs.

“Let NO ONE deter you from your patriotism. PROTECT your COUNTRY and its REPUTATION at ALL COSTS.”

At all costs? Is this statement not sounding like a drum of war? What if the only cost left for “protecting” their country and its “reputation” becomes a war? Is Africa as a continent ready for this?

Well, we hope that the statement of this rapper on Twitter where he has over 4 million followers would not ignite another round of xenophobic attacks.

Here is the tweet:

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