Is Tacha Really Dumb?


The former BBNaija housemate Tacha shows no sign of smartness. She could only successfully flaunt her look and shows her pride. Is Tacha really dumb?

Taking it from the moment on the reality TV show, Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem. Tacha has always disappointed her followers with her English construction and pronunciation.

In relation to this, the moment she did not understand what ”Characteristics” means when Ebuka asked her. Everyone thought that she did that for the sake of the game, or to be the talk of the town.

Following that, she had a disqualification after involving in a physical struggle with the winner of the game ”Mercy Eke”. She spelled ”Port Harcourt” wrongly. Furthermore, it is confirmed that she didn’t win any game during her stay on the show due to her weak drives.

However, just yesterday, she celebrated the owner twitter named Jack Dorsey and did a video call with him. Also wrote a tweet to celebrate him.

See the tweet below:

Consequently, ”Twitter has to be win Best APP of the year” is the wrong English in her tweet. She could have done some editing before tweeting it or even after tweeting. Definitely, she does not know if it was wrong or right!

The ex-BBNaija housemate is only a good slay Queen and full of herself. But not a good mentor. Life isn’t all about what you see but you have. 

Meanwhile, like the popular quote that says ”you can not give what you don’t have”. Tacha only has materials to give, but not brilliant initiatives.

Nevertheless, a public figure like her should be an icon for her followers and lovers. Not just a publicity freak.

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