A Facebook User Thinks Tacha Is Having Down Syndrome.

Is Tacha Sick?

Is Tacha Sick?. A Facebook user identifiable as Jewel says BBNaija star Tacha is having a Down Syndrome. She goes to the extent of explaining the symptoms of people with Down Syndrome.

According to research, Down syndrome is a genetic disorder, it occurs when abnormal cell division results in extra genetic material from chromosome 21. It results in abnormal facial expression and has no cure it can only be treated.

However, the Facebook user comments while mocking Tacha that: “not impressed with her uncordinated speech. Opening teeth when nothing is funny. Anyways that is how one patient with down syndrome in my class those days use to do. Her name is gloria, always opening her teeth like ODE, exactly like Tacha. You ask them how B is related to A, the next thing, they start opening odour infested teeth…. Abeg carry this nightmare comot for my face”.

The Facebook user obviously is no fan of Tacha with the way she slams the reality her. When will this enmity end? But come to think of it, is tacha really with Down Syndrome?.

No wonder during the show when she was asked what the characteristics of a winner is, her reply was “Tacha Tacha Tacha”.

One man meat is another man’s poison, seeing the way this facebook user slams Tacha. A nollywood actor Uchemaduagu feels otherwise, he says Tacha is the most grateful ex-housemate in BBnaija. Also that Big Brother should be banned from Nigeria for disqualifying Tacha for an unjust cause.

The actor however invites Tacha to join Nollywood since he is the only actor in Nigeria who got the attention of an American actor Chrissyteigein. But first this Nigerian actor is just going about inviting every Bbnaija housemates to join nollywood..he doesn’t seem to have a focus.

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