Tobi Bakare and Yvonne Nelson

Is Yvonne Nelson dating Tobi Bakre? She rides in his car and asked for iPhone 11 pro

The Question of the day, is Yvonne Nelson dating Tobi Bakre?

The internet is buzzing after Tobi Bakre posted a video of Yvonne Nelson very close to him in his car. They had fun, laughed and Yvonne Nelson asked Tobi Bakare to buy the newest iPhone for her. Watch the video below to see what happened after she asked for an iPhone 11 pro.

Although it appears like they were just having fun as friends, the fans were shocked when Yvonne Nelson posted an intimate picture of Tobi on her Instagram page.
Tobi Bakre and Yvonne Nelson as posted on Yvonne’s page.

Above is the video that led to the dating rumour between Tobi Bakre and Yvonne Nelson. Both of them are Nollywood actors but they might be dating because they have been spotted together in many places.

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