It’s Me And My Daddy… Seyi Law Chills With Daughter in The Pool

Nigerian Stand up comedian, Lawrence Oluwaseyitan Aletile popularly known as Seyi law has always been supportive of his daughter, Tiwalowa Chidera.

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo had at a time commented about his daughter being overweight. The comment didn’t go down well with the ace comedian and he fired back at aunty Kemi telling her to mind her business.

From the look of thing with the new video, Tiwa has reduced in weight, and she is her confident and fearless self swimming beside her dad inside a pool with the aid of a water tube.

Tiwa, who was wearing a blue outfit with her goggles in the video. She was heard speaking in the pool with her dad having a nice time. From what she said in the video, her mum is somewhere around watching to enjoy the moment between father and daughter.

“It’s me and my daddy in the swimming pool and she is there and i am in my googles. Buy dad am on the run”, she was heard in the video.

Seyi was enjoying the moment with his usual laughter. He later Tiwa to say hello to his fans, which she obliged.

In his post, the media lauded her daughter describing her as a fearless, his beautiful version who can disturb for the world.

“She is back.
She is fearless. 
She is my beautiful version. 
She can disturb for the world. 

Father and daughter moment

See the father and daughter relationship is so good and lovely. Seyi hs played his fatherly role by making sure that no one body shame his daughter, and she is back. Let’s hope she disturbs daddy more, lol

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