Iyanya exposed Ubi Franklin “ he ruined my life and forged my signatures “

Iyanya showed up to Daddy Freeze’s radio station to accuse his former business partner of doing him dirty. Bolanle Olukanni interviewed Iyanya; Bolanle is the host of the Juice on Ndani TV and Iyanya accidentally snitched on Ubi Franklin.  

Ubi found out, and he quickly went on Instagram to post a contract to defend himself that he did not cheat Iyanya.  However, Iyanya has more to say, he went straight to Daddy Freeze to say more about the case.

Below is Iyanya’s interview transcript. 

Iyanya said that Ema Naira gave them the name Made Men group 

He said that everything Made men was Him, He said he paid for everything.  

He added that that Tekno will back him up that he was the one running Made Men Music.  

“ Tekno will back me up if he will be honest. We wrote the contract when Tekno came on board. Tekno opened for me in my first American tour.  After couple of year I was in America with Tekno, 

“ Tekno called me and said, Bro, I cant believe that you are talking to me like this, and you are being this free with me, Ubi said you don’t like me. And I was just like what? Why?  what did you do to me, what did you do to me that will make me not like you. “  That made me realize that there was a problem. “

Before this I always ask Ubi, is Tekno making money, and Ubi told me Tekno is not making money. But, Tekno said they have made 30 million on Duro music. This was a surprise because Ubi only gave me 145 k in that whole deal with Tekno.  

That was the first fight between Ubi and me, it was a big fight. 

When I signed the paper, I signed to be partner, we signed a deal but when I got to CAC (Cooperate affairs commission), I found the same form that I signed but my name was not on the deal.  My name was whipped out of the deal. While I thought I was on the deal. 

I confronted him and he begged me, he said sorry, and now he is online posting that I am lying.  It turned out that he replaced my name with his brother’s name. 

Ubi still has my Facebook password; Ubi still has my twitter handle too.  Temple music have to send guys to threaten Ubi before he released the twitter password. The guys said they would beat him up before he gave them the password to my Instagram account”. 

I left Don Jazzy because Jazzy and Temple owner has issues.  Jazzy and Idris had their own differences.  What Jazzy did for me was, he open Mavin label for me as a platform to put out music.  

Ubi posted the contract on IG after I did my interview and he posted the contract of settlement of small money on IG.  

The contact that Ubi posted was a settlement agreement.  He posted a settle agreement we had in 2016, People don’t just wake up and settle, there were serious issues, and he betrayed me.  

A lot of people can testify Basi, Tekno, Emma Nyra and even Ubi’s wife.   He used to forge my signature.  Ubi forged my signature on the form that he posted on IG.  

Everything that he posted on IG is fake, I lost my mind, I am not asking for pity from anybody. I didn’t say that Ubi didn’t settle me; I said that you cheated me of my contract.  

He cheated me on the certificate of Incorporation. We had a settlement because something happened. 

Ubi has ruined so many lives. Stop lying; you are hurting yourself more when you are posting fake stuff online. Everyone knows you are lying. 

I have been fighting this legal stuff since I left, everyone said that abandoned Ubi. Abandoned who? This man ruined my life.

Ubi did an interview that I sold my shares, ask him, where is the receipt? .  Why is he lying, our friends know this things. Chips beat Ubi in his bar before he travel out. “  – Iyanya. 

Obi said he would do his own interview to clear his name. We will post Ubi’s reply on Nigeriatunes page when it’s ready.

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