J Cole, American rapper beaten and robbed in Nigeria

A video of J Cole getting attacked is circulating the Internet and people are talking about it.    J Cole is in Nigeria to perform at a private event for 16 th birthday of a Nigerian Billionaire says a person familiar with the matter. 

After the show, J Cole decided to hit the town and things got ugly. A random street man held on to him and he tried to force himself away from the guy. J Cole’s securities were not proactive enough to stop the guys from approaching him, a couple of guys took advantage of him and made away with some valuables.   

J Cole got upset and pushed the guy back and the guy punched him few times. He was also robbed at the scene but he escaped unhurt.  Check out the video below.

 J Cole is an America rapper and a Songwriter.  He his very famous around the world and he is multi millionaire.  This is J Cole’s first time in Nigeria. He is ok and he will return back to America very soon. No arrest was made in connection with this issue.

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