Jay Z becomes the first rapper with $1 billion net worth

Forbes reported that Jay Z amassed 1 billion worth of assets within 10 years. Jay Z started his career as a rapper; he earned lot of money from rapper as a rapper and part owner of his record label.  He took the money from rap and flipped in into art collections, real-estate ((homes in Los Angeles, the Hamptons, Tribeca), Liquor business, private equity stakes in companies like Uber, Tidal and many more.

He grew up poor; he lived in the Brooklyn’s Marcy housing projects in New York. His first hustle was drug dealing before he became a musician.   He co-owned Roc-A-Fella records with Damon Dash and Burke, they sold half of the record company to Def Jam records in 1997 for $1.5 million. In 2004 they sold the other half to Def Jam for 10 million dollars. 

Jay Z Net Worth breakdown

$310 million –  Armand de Brignac

$210 million  – Cash, Investments

$100 million  – D’Usse

$100 million  – Tidal

$75   million  – Rock Nation

$75   million  – music catalog

$70   million  – Art collections

$50   million  – Real Estate

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