Juliet Ibrahim celebrates her 33rd birthday with hardcore strippers

Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim turned a year older few days ago. She was born on March 3, 1986, and she is 33 years old this year. She celebrated her birthday in a fabulous way.  She was in South Africa on March 3rdand her friend threw her a surprise birthday. They also spiced it up with some extreme hardcore strippers.  It appears that She was paid to have her birthday at Onyx nightclub in Sandton, South Africa.    

Juliet Ibrahim’s friends threw her a surprise birthday party and it was a wow moment.  Nigerian well know crazy fun guy Denrele Edun lead the party plans and the hosting. Her sister Sonia Ibrahim also helped with the planning.    

The event was suppose to be a house get together but thing turned exotic really quick.  A group of friends walked her into a room when she entered her birthday get together venue. Upon opening the door, she saw more than 3 male strippers with sexy abs and sexy pants on. They took turn seducing her and she enjoyed it all.  She even asked, “ Can I touch them “.   

“So many good people, so many amazing wishes, so much love, wonderful surprises, so much fun… you all have made my day super amazing right here online and in person while in Pretoria, South Africa. Watch all gists on my Snapchat and Instastory… I love you all for loving me this much. Thanks South Africa for the amazing hospitality”. – She wrote on her social media page. 

Miss Ibrahim is Ghanaian and she spent most of her adult life in Ghana but she’s now based in Nigeria. Yankee Boys Nollywood movie gave her career breakthrough and she’s continued to star in many Nollywood movies since then.  

She’s currently single. Iceberg Slim and Juliet dated for a long time but they have separated. She celebrated her birthday as single woman but her friends were there for her and she had fun.  They left for the club to party at Onyx nightclub in South Africa after the stripper private party. 

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