Juliet Ibrahim defends herself “I was molested and I have been through domestic abuse”

  • Juliet Ibrahim defends her interview
  • She refused to apologise to her ex because of what she said about him
  • Juliet Ibrahim defended her comments about her ex.
  • “I was molested and I was in an abusive relationship” Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim wrote a book about her life and the title is “A toast to life”. She discussed a lot of secretive things in the book and she is running into troubles with something she said about her ex.

Iceberg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim were in a long term relationship before they broke. Juliet discussed it in her book and she said she was in love with Iceberg but he cheated.

“I found out that he cheated when I made my relationship with him public,” Juliet said in an interview with Delay media. She added that Iceberg Slim cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend.

“A lady appeared and she sent a DM to my sister that they are having an affair,” Juliet added.

Juliet Ibrahim’s interview video

Iceberg Slim and some people called out Juliet Ibrahim for using her ex to sell books, so she released a video to defend herself.

She said she is not using people to sell the book and that the book is about her life and she’s upset with the bloggers that are twisting her words.

” The book is about me and my experiences. I was molested, I have been through rough times and I have been through domestic abuse,” Juliet said in the video.

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