Justice or foolishness? Lady murders her daughter then commits suicide to spite her husband for abandoning them

A Nigerian lady identified as Hafusat Ibuloye has taken her own life and that of her 15-year-old daughter, named Aduke, in a bid to spite her husband for abandoning them for years. The incident happened at Idumota area of Lagos State on the 27 of February.

According to the report, the deceased became frustrated after her husband traveled abroad for years and neglected her and the children. There is no doubt there must have been a breach of an agreement between the husband abroad and the woman. However, things took different turns since the man traveled abroad. For years she has found a way to manage the pain hoping that one he would return to Nigeria and come looking for her.

However, her frustration became tougher when Ibuloye heard that the man had returned from the United States of America for about 3 months but he refused to come looking for the woman and her children. She could no longer bear the pain and frustration, her pain took the better part of her. The frustrated woman allegedly woke her children from bed at the early hours of 27 of February, she handed a poisonous substance to her 15-year-old daughter and did same to her two other children.

However, her two younger children refused to ingest the substance, Ibuloye and her 15-year-old daughter allegedly took the poisonous substance and was found unconscious.

The deceased was rushed to the hospital with her child, unfortunately, she was declared dead in the hospital.

Many people might consider her act an act of stupidity, whereas, the level of pain and bitterness the deceased experienced could have caused anyone to take a careless decision.

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