Justin Bieber Asked to Leave a Gym in LA for Taylor Swift and Their Other Dramas

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

Canadian singer Justin Bieber and American singer Taylor Swift were involved in a series of drama in 2019 and it seems they have picked up from where the drama stopped. The “baby” crooner decided to storm Dogpound gym in West Hollywood, Los Angeles for a walkout without prior appointment, unlike Tylor swift.

Justin’s decision to be at the gym without an appointment almost ended up in a big embarrassment for him and his crew as the handlers of the gym asked him to leave immediately Tylor Swift arrived at the gym.

The excuse the handlers gave for asking Justin Bieber to leave the gym for Tylor Swift was that the female singer had booked a trainer and the whole gym for her private training session.

Justin Bieber, in his usual element, refused to leave. He and his crew stayed and completed their session before they left. However, TMZ reports that Justin Bieber wasn’t aware that it was because of Tylor Swift he was asked to leave.

Justin Bieber Leaving the gym after his session

Justin Bieber

This incident might not be accidental because JB is known for making a mockery of Tylor.

Here is the theory for the above assertion: Recall that Taylor Swift is a friend to Selena Gomez, an ex-girlfriend of the Canadian singer. Taylor is among the people who believe that Justin cheated on the fellow American singer before breaking up with her.

This accusation could be the reason Justin supported his manager, Scooter Braun after Taylor posted an open letter against Braun acquiring her song catalogue.

Also, when the video of Taylor Swift came online showing when she was having eye surgery, Justin Bieber decided to make a video and shared it on his Instagram page mimicking or making a mockery of Taylor’s eyes surgery procedures.

However, Justin told a reporter in October 2019 that he was done with all that drama and he doesn’t have any problem with Taylor. Well, we can only hope that the gym incident does not cause another series of drama.

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