Kannywood Defends Maryam Booth, Insists She Won’t be Banned Over Leaked Nude Video

Maryam Booth and her alleged blackmailer
Maryam Booth and her alleged blackmailer

The leadership of the Northern Nigeria movies industry popular called Kannywood has reacted over the leaked nude clip showing Maryam Booth, a popular actress in the industry. Kannywood Guild of Artistes described the leaked clip as a blackmail attempt on the personality of the actress.

The chairman of Kannywood Guild of Artistes, Alhassan Kwalle announced that the resolution to overlook the leaked nude video was taken on Monday, February 10, 2020.

While comparing what happened to
Maryam Booth to what happened to
another actress Maryam Iyana who was banned some years ago for displaying nudity, Alhassan said Booth’s case was a deliberate attempt to blackmail her. Hence, she won’t suffer what Iyana suffered.

Recall that Maryam Booth became the hottest topic on Twitter on February 7, 2020, when a three-second clip showing when she was wearing her underwear surfaced on the internet. The clip attracted a mixed reaction from Nigerians especially those who follow the Kannywood movies industry.

Hours after the clip had gone viral, the actress issued a lengthy statement to defend herself, alleging that her ex-boyfriend, Ibrahim Ahmad Rufai, alias Deezell, leaked the clip in order to blackmail her.

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“What happened to this girl everyone knows that the video was mischievously taken to blackmail her, not that she was doing a film or sort”, the chairman of Kannywood Guild of Artistes noted.

Alhassan said: “She tried to take action about it immediately but the guy that did it acted as if he had deleted the video and for over three years he has been using that to extort money from her under threat that he will release the video until he eventually released it on Friday”, added.

“Recently, he called and said he wants to take his mother to the hospital and that she should give him money but she refused; that was why he decided to release the nude video.”

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