Kano resident found a Hyena on the street and took it to the police station.

Residents captured a rare Hyena on the street of Kano. Kids in the neighborhood spotted the animal on the street and they raised alarm. 

People were scared, while some were bold enough to confront the animal before it was captured.  The chaos caused many people to gather around, they work together to capture the animal alive and no harm was done to the animal. 

Luckily the Hyena did not bite or injure anyone during the process. They captured the Hyena, tired it up and took it to the nearby police station. The police were confused because they don’t know what to do with the animal that was found on the street in Kano.

The animal remains in the police station under close monitoring. And plans are already in place to move the animal to the nearby Zoo in the following day. 

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